TSS on calendar view of sessions

I’d love TSS and IF values to be shown for each session in a plan/ on the calendar so I don’t have to click on each session when reorganising sessions around life etc. A simple thing to fix?:grimacing::blush:


Actually with 4DP, TSS and IF lose their meaning. Both values are FTP based and you might be riding a MAP/AC/NM oriented session based on your numbers and both can be wildly off.


I appreciate that TSS and IF aren’t everything but they do provide a rough guide to how hard a session is. If I want to move sessions around in a plan it would be helpful for example to see that across the mountains is a shorter session with potentially less impact than GOAT - without having to click on every session😊


Great idea! I would love this!

Agreed. We understand 4DP is better than FTP only… but we should have a way to see roughly how hard are week or sessions are if we need to move things around. If TSS is no good, then it would be wonderful to provide a 4DP friendly method of displaying to us session and weekly work.


A 4DP method may be coming. There are some big irons in the fire and moving away from an FTP/TSS based session intensity score is one that was asked for a long time ago and Sirs Neal and Mac are investigating how best to incorporate this.