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Hi there, I’m 2 weeks out from a 125km mtb race and my computer has decided it’s had enough. It’s an old Apple Mac that is no longer supported and therefore the videos either buffer or are pixelated. I’ve been hanging in there until the end of the program (mountainous grand fondo) but today when I went to start a workout it has the whirl of death saying loading video and it never loads. Also it doesn’t even show the speed, power, cadence graph etc so I can play it without the video. That was a long lead in to my question… does anyone know how to turn the videos off prior to going into the workout, or if this is even possible? Thanks in advance.

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You can play them all with video sir.

There’s a button to play with video - on windows or iOS. Hold on I’ll screenshot the iOS button.

And you have novid workouts as well of course but you may not be wanting those - just mentioning as a backup

Button on iOS is here - and you can go and click it before starting the video actually running.

Enjoy the tapering towards race day …

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Hi Martin, thanks for that. The issue I have is that I can’t even get to that screen to turn it off. As soon as I hit start it says video loading and it doesn’t even load the profile so I have to shut it down. Any ideas? Cheers

I had a look at the no vids and found one similar to angels for tomorrow. I’m also having a go at downloading Angels to see if that works. Thanks for your help.

No worries.
Can you drop theminions@thesufferfest.com a note as well - the minions can help. You never know - even for unsupported devices they may have suggestions.

One other thing - is the device ok space wise? Not full of downloaded videos or anything causing memory issues?

Or - I never asked - are you trying to stream or play downloaded videos. If the former - can you download it in advance and try playing with the GPU acceleration button as welll (no idea if that’ll help but worth a try?)

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You could try loading a Novid first and turning off that setting there, then load your desired workout.