Unofficial yoga challenge August 16 onwards

So I am trying to learn forum posting and so as well as posting in FB, (And while trying not to take away from Sir Lee’s August’s challenge,) I am interested to know which plan people would like to do if any…

Recovery and flexibility :pray:
Core strength :weight_lifting_man:
Yoga Badge collector :medal_military:
Or strength and flexibility again :muscle:
Or something else… :question:


I’m on week 3 of the Yoga Core plan… Strength and Flexibility seems like the next step.

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:pray: please

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Yoga badge collector or recovery and flexibility for me. 2020 has been the year of “challenges” for me so why not add another one to the list :crazy_face:

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So for those wanting to continue the challenges… consensus was to do Recovery and flexibility… so will be starting on Monday 17 August… Anyone is free to join for whole lot, individual days or whatever… :pray: will be posting reminders on FB and will try to remember here too!