All Days Of August Yoga Challenge

Well home working is destroying my back and yet again I’ve fallen off the yoga wagon. So I’m going to try and challenge myself to doing a session every day during August.

I won’t be following a plan as I’ve got some areas I need to target for my back and also to help me as I start running again. I think I’ll kick off today with Post Workout Cool Down later, hopefully after a short run if I can squeeze it in.

I know a few of you are following along with Dame Jo 's challenge, but if anyone fancies joining me let me know :slight_smile: and feel free to prod me if I don’t post each day as I really need the accountability to get me back on the straight and narrow!!


So - have you done today’s yet sir @aerobrain

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Ps. I focus in a few in particular to help with my back/hip/general area problems … Pre Ride activation so that the ride has less of an impact in the first place (glute activation and I add in some stretches of quads/hips).
And then Loosen your lower back, the one you’ve already mentioned, hip openers II and hip openers I


Just about to go for my run, I’ll either do it straight after or a but later this evening. Sometimes I find straight after a run everything is too tight so you need to cool down a bit first.

Expecting a post soon then :slight_smile:

And to keep in the spirit of it …

Ps what are you doing tomorrow?
Loosen your lower back?

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I’m with you.

Granted, some days will “just” be a breathing video, but, in the high-stressed world of teaching, such a video can do wonders.

As for the running perspective, Hips & Hamstrings has become my favorite video to work out a nagging issue somewhere betwixt my right glute & right foot. I’ll continue to do that one at least once a week.

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Yeah hips and hamstrings is a good one. Hip Openers I was my mainstay when I last did a lot of running.

I’ll mainly be doing any with hips in the title plus loosen your lower back. Sir @Martin that will likely be what I do tomorrow, really should have done that one today! Got confused as Post Workout Cool Down is one of my favourites but it’s best suited after a ride. My knee and back after running don’t like some of those poses and not in the it’s doing them good way!!


Did tonight’s session on the lawn which is much better than the garage!!


Oh and @SirDale don’t blame you on the breathing ones. They can definitely help!!


Tick :slight_smile:


I’m fortunate to have inherited on the cheap last summer an inversion table, and it is so good for what ails ya. Only 5 mins a day. Then adding a yoga session to that…what a great combination!


Physio used one of those with me last year if it’s the same thing (strapped for table vertical then upended so effectively hanging head down feet up?)

We never proved it helped but it did feel like it was loosening things up.
Will probably go back to him if I can afford it one day. Knew his stuff.

Also have pulse and BP checked for that?


Day 2 coming up, Loosen Your Lower Back!!


Hips & Hamstrings yesterday; today, Hip Openers I. Will do Hip Openers II tomorrow and continue to build from there.



I’m trying this little by little. APP isn’t working very well for me on my iPad mini 4 or even my desktop (trying to cast to an area I can comfortably do this).

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Yeah it can be a pain when you can’t get it all set up seamlessly! Hope you get it sorted!

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Day 3: Hip Openers I, done!! That really is my favourite. Really hits most of my tightest spots.

Back still bloody hurts though lol

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Right on!


Probably my most completed workout (maybe vying with Pre ride activation i guess). Nice.

I think I did one this morning but can’t remember what … still with you tho’.

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