Upgrading Suffer cave

Hi All, I’m looking to upgrade the Suffer cave for the coming season and have been toying with the idea of using a projector connected to the laptop rather than just the screen. I don’t want to go the route of the large screen TV as the garage suffers both extremes of temperatures and I don’t want the hassle of lugging it indoors each time, where as a projector is lighter weight and more portable/easier stored.

Has anyone used a similar set up and how were the results?

Thanks in advance.

You could move the trainer to the lounge room where there is already a TV and a small PC (NUK) which sounds crazy but works really well for our family :see_no_evil:

FWIW, a few years ago (pre-app, when it was just the older videos) I used to train in a gym environment which had a large projector in a spin-type studio. It was great.

I still miss those sessions - everyone’s watt bike was wired up to a screen showing the whole groups’ wattage/HR/etc. Oh, it was in an altitude chamber too. Awesome stuff.