Pain Cave Upgrade

Hi Fellow Sufs,

I currently use a laptop to run Suf in my pain cave but am looking to get a small TV instead for a better viewing and suffering experience. I think Team Scream would be a great video for this!

The laptop I currently use is old and on the way out so connecting it via cable is probably not going to work, plus I have a tight space for my pain cave so don’t have a lot of room.

I was wondering what is the best way to put Suf on a TV screen? Ipad and do a screen cast? Are there any other options?


I run SUF on an iPad and connect it to a flat screen TV via a 6 foot HDMI cable and a lightning digital AV adaptor. I have never had any issues.


Mac mini attached to Screen.


I use a microPC, but Sufferfest isn’t exactly demanding, if you wanted super-neat something like this should do the job (please check specs, I just grabbed the first instance). Just plugged straight into an HDMI port in the TV and get a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo.


I recommend the HDMI option as this can be connected to iPhone, iPad or laptop (if it has the HDMI plug).


Thanks Jon, so basically you can use that to turn a smart TV into a desktop?

Yes I think the hdmi route might be best, I’ve a small pain cave so want to avoid signals bouncing off each other!

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That plus a wireless keyboard with built in touch pad is what I use. Been 100% satisfied so far. Can’t beat the 40inch screen and the ability to use Sufferfest in mini player mode and stream


As @Tri-Rex says, yes, you’d just need a keyboard & mouse/touchpad solution.