Using Sufferfest in season

I am new to Sufferfest and this is my first off season using it. Curious what folks do in season? I am thinking ahead to when weather turns and most of my riding will be outdoors.

Some days in season I just run out of time to get outside for a ride so I hop on the trainer. Or some days the weather is just too crap to ride outside and I need to burn off some couchlandrian remnants. Feel free. Nothing says you have to go turbo in season but there’s nothing that says you can’t either.

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If it’s raining and I want to ride I’ll use Suf but generally I like to ride outside when I can. I’ll try to loosely follow a plan where it makes sense and just try to emulate the main goals of the workout outside where it’s possible. But most of my hard sessions are group rides so I’ll just do endurance and fun rides outside of that.

I follow a plan as I usually don’t have time for outside rides during the week. After the tour I’m jumping into the In-season XC plan.