Switching from Indoor Only to Indoor/Outdoor mid-Plan

Hi all,

Been using Sufferfest for around 3 months and just finished an intermediate All-Purpose road plan. Had some really good gains (11% on FTP and 8% on MAP) and looking forward to some more. I’m jumping in to the middle of the ToS prep plan now, and then I’ll do a Focused ToS, followed buy the post-tour plan with a full frontal at the end.

This puts me into March 8, where it’s still likely too early in the year to ride outside consistently where I live (Alberta, Canada), so I likely need to plan to ride inside until about mid-April, but after than I want to ride outside on the weekends. I plan on going with the Advanced All-Purpose Road plan.

My question is, would I be able to change over to the Indoor/Outdoor plan directly from the Indoor Only plan in mid-April sometime, or would this kind of throw the training schedule out of whack for a few weeks? Does anyone have any experience doing this?

I loaded both plans into the calendar so that I could compare. The first week looks pretty similar, but it seems to deviate quite a bit after that.

Any help or thoughts are appreciated!


Load the indoor/outdoor version of the plan as you get to the point where you want to change over but do it based on a specific finish date (rather than starting date) that is the same as the original indoor only plan. It’ll only load the remaining workouts and you can then delete the original plan (your completed workouts should be retained). I did this recently when new videos were added to the plan I was on and it worked sweetly.

Thanks. I was more wondering about how this will affect the actual training part of the plan though. Like if the rest weeks are at the same time or not and when during the week I should make the switch. If it should be after the Sunday workout or if it matters.

If you stay on the same level (beginner/intermediate->beginner/intermediate, or advanced->advanced) the rest weeks should be the same.

Whether the weeks are comparable I don’t know. Why not try load the new plan and have a look at the calendar to see how they compare? I’m sure the minions would help if you sent them an email too.