Video Cropping on Windows reveals Desktop on full screen

I’ve included a photo but if Systm is set to be full screen and video crop is set to 16:9 - Above Graph, there is a line of pixels still visible. In the photo below, the white dots are from desktop background image on my laptop.

If the video is set to Scale to Fit, Systm correctly displays and the background is not visible.

I haven’t been able to test on any other machines so not sure if it’s specific to my laptop but it’s not limited to specific workouts.

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I’m on a MacBook Air and couldn’t replicate this. Have you tried the usual? i.e. make sure all Windows updates have been installed, make sure you are running the most current version of SYSTM, restart your computer, login/logout of SYSTM, uninstall and reinstall SYSTM (which may be the first thing I’d try). Does it matter what resolution you have your laptop set to?

If nothing works to resolve, I would submit a support request to the minions.

Thanks for the reply Glen. It’s not exactly a showstopper but just a bit weird. I don’t think I’d noticed it before as my desktop background was pretty much black. I’ll take another look later this afternoon but everything is up to date on the laptop.

I’m going to check the resolution and on the laptop and see if I can test it on another PC.

Will raise a ticket once I’ve worked out where the issue lies :+1:t3:

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Based on your image, it looks like you’re not actually in full screen. It seems there’s a whole row of unused pixels along the top and under the screen bezel. Could just be the photo though.

It looks as if it’s a Windows quirk. I’m outputting my laptop to a TV so needed to use resolution scaling as the text was so tiny. Basically totally unreadable from more than 3ft as it was so small.

I switched my resolution a couple of times and reduced the resolution scaling and it appears to have solved the issue.

I’m still not sure why the top of the scaled video was the only bit of the screen that wasn’t fully to the top but I guess that’s Windows for you.

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