Image too large for screen

A couple of years ago a problem that was reported in the Wahoo Forum about images from the SYSTM app being too large to fit into a window. Unfortunately, the thread did not report a solution.

I have essentially the same problem and have sent the information below to the minions. I decided to post here as well, in case others continue to have the same problem or have perhaps found a durable solution.

I connect my Windows laptop to an external Sony Bravia LCD TV via HDMI to create a more immersive experience during workouts. However, the image is often larger than the app window, so that I cannot see information that is at the bottom of the image or at the far right. In particular, the power profile is below the screen so that I cannot see my progress through the workout or an interval. Similarly, the information at the bottom right of the screen that typically shows how much time remains in the workout or an interval is not visible.

When I connect the external TV, Windows automatically adjusts the screen resolution to the highest value that the TV can support, 1360 x 760. If I start the SYSTM app after I have connected the TV, the entire image is visible as long as I am in the normal mode that shows the Windows task bar across the bottom. If I try to go to full-screen mode, the image becomes too large and remains too large even if I revert to normal mode. As well, if the SYSTM app is open before I connect the external TV, the image is too large.

So a work around is to only open the SYSTM app after the TV is connected and to avoid changing the window size. But it would be great if the app could be tweaked to better understand the resolution of the monitor.

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I use the same setup except a different tv, but the same issue. Because both the laptop and the tv are dedicated to this purpose and not used for anything else, I tweaked the resolution on the tv to have the image fit full screen and still display everything. It’s fine as long as you don’t use the tv for anything else. If not, you will just need to modify the tv rsolution when you want to use it for something else.

Mine is also dedicated to use with the trainer. What resolution did you find gave an acceptable image size?

I got a response from the minions through the customer service email. There is no quick fix and the problem has been forwarded to the technical team. Not holding my breath for a solution. I suspect something like this will await the next software update, if it is even deemed important enough to fix.

Go to your Display Settings and there is a drop down box. It generally defaults to the highest resolution possible. Click on the other options and see what it changes. Just a bit of trial and error.

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