Virtual London Marathon with an injury!

Warning, this is a little bit of a self pity post!

As some of you know I’ve been training for tomorrow’s Virtual London Marathon but after initial training going really well I injured my knee a couple of months ago so it all started to go a bit Pete Tong!

After 4 weeks of physio I finally got referred to the orthopedic specialist yesterday who suspects a meniscus tear so has booked me in for an MRI. He did however say that although it’s not completely without risk he’s OK with me still doing the marathon.

So I got a bit buoyed by that and have been reasonably positive all day, but definitely feeling that upbeat mood wane a bit now. I’ve done more running this year than I’ve ever done and been following structured plans since February so feels a bit like a waste of a whole year as my cycling has taken a complete back seat. Plus now with the knee injury, riding is a total no no due to the bending so can’t even look forward to getting back on the bike after the marathon is done.

Trying to tell myself that even if I have to walk most of it, given the issues I deserve the medal for what I’ve put in so far! But any other words of encouragement/support will be gladly received :slight_smile:

Apologies for the self pity though!


Hi @aerobrain do it at your own pace whether it’s 3 hours or 6 hours or even 10 hours but if you feel the pain getting to a point where you can’t continue then stop, there should be another chance next year but you can’t take part if you do irreparable damage to your body, good luck :+1::+1::+1:


Cheers Shane! Planning to do a run/walk/run strategy which I’m hoping will help!

Lee @aerobrain ,

The doc gave you the (almost) all clear to do it, so take comfort from that. I’m sure (s)he realised that you want to do it but also don’t want to compromise future fitness and so will be sensible (we’re all sensible on here, right?).

I was entered for the LM a few years ago whilst waiting for surgery for compartment syndrome (interior and exterior, on both legs). The doc said it might hurt like hell but I won’t do any more damage. So I stuck some ibuprofen in my pocket “just in case” and went for it. It actually gave me a great sense of freedom. I had already written of any kind of decent performance, but it woudl have felt pretty depressing no runnign at all - you invest a lot inn to these things and I’m sure you dont want to feel like it it wasted. Instead I got to do the event, enjoy it, feel good about it and walk away knowing that events were out of my control.

So do it, enjoy it and take the free t-shirt!



Hope it went well!

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Thanks all. Your words of encouragement clearly helped, got a PB!! Absolutely over the moon!!!

Could feel the knee all the way round but it was absolutely fine. Until 30s after I finished and stood funny and that really made me yelp! But seems ok, well back to normal recent pain levels :rofl: now!


Oh good man! Congratulations.

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Congrats @aerobrain have a nice restful week off to celebrate


Hey aerobrain,

Sorry to hear that, but all the best with your marathon. Regardless of the time, completing it (be that run, walk or jog) will be a fantastic achievement! Look after yourself though, and hope that you’ll be back to running your best and riding sooner rather than later!



Cheers @Coach.Andy.T !

Well it’s now the morning after and thankfully the knee seems to have faired really well!!

So glad I decided to go with a pre-planned run/walk structure (went with 5’ run / 1’ walk) as I think that helped massively! Granted that ratio changed a bit towards the end.

Scan in a few weeks and given how the knee feels today I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is just a strain and not a tear after all!!


Congratulations Sir @aerobrain - awesome work!

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