How to use 4DP stats

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I use a garmin. According to garmin I need to do more high aerobic and anerobic exercise. When choosing from the library in SYSTM what should I be looking for (I am a cyclist). From what I can see I want to choose a focus on MAP and FTP, is that correct?

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The workouts on SYSTM will be tailored to your unique 4DP values, so you would need to do a Full Frontal test to ascertain your 4DP numbers which I believe you have done so.
You could always choose to the the specific building blocks from the training plans :slight_smile:

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I’m no coach, but when you say “high aerobic”, I’m assuming that’s above FTP and closer to MAP (maximum aerobic power) and anaerobic that’s AC (anaerobic capacity).

Aim for those two. But in order to raise MAP, you still have to work on FTP as they are linked to some extent.

Now some unsolicited advice:
If I were you, I’d do a full-frontal fitness test - that will show you your strength and weaknesses on the SYSTM scale.

Then schedule a cycling event prep plan (under “plans”) and pick “Road - Criterium”, that’s full of MAP and AC stuff. You can add strength training too, which will definitely help on the AC stuff.

If you like a bit of running, you may want to opt for the “dirt/gravel-cyclocross” plan.

With the event prep, the workouts will be selected on your strengths and weaknesses as found in the full-frontal test. This way you will see results rather quickly. It is surprisingly effective. A plan will also push you to work hard, but (generally) not overload yourself.


This will suck SOOOOO much!




It’s funny how the legs scream by just looking at these workouts…


Nine hammers it is then! Muahahahaha

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Blockquote Aim for those two. But in order to raise MAP, you still have to work on FTP as they are linked to some extent.

Actually, it’s the other way round. You raise your FTP by working on and raising MAP and by association, VO2 Maximum.

The workout portion is correct. However, you should also include some real-world stuff, like the ProRide series to exercise the body’s adaption to riding at such levels and clearing of the crud we produce at those levels.

It certainly will. Add in a few ProRides to make the suck even better!

Race like conditions on the trainer always help.

There is one and ONLY one real Anaerobic video: Violator. The idea with this workout is to get into NM, AC, and finally MAP values and have one really hard ride.

@aaronyarm Welcome to the forum! AC and MAP with some FTP it is for you.

@TrapMeSuf has outlined a great plan for you to follow. No pun intended.

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