Wahoo android app elevation

Can i get the basic app to give elevation gain ideally during bike ride ? and if not then just at the end of the ride? Used it today for first time and see no elevation fields during ride and also the field on the summary pages had no entry , just blank.

@Peter_McKavanagh If you are using SYSTM on a trainer then you have zero elevation gain. SYSTM doesn’t estimate elevation gain as it is just a workout player and not a simulator.


Are you talking about the Wahoo App (formerly the Wahoo Fitness App)? It is not currently set up to capture elevation from what I understand.

Yes its the wahoo basic app, using on a bike for outdoor cycles , its strange as it shows the field on the summary. See screenshot attached.

@Peter_McKavanagh When you were using the Wahoo App did you have a GPS signal?

Yeah it recorded all the route with gps so must have been working