Wahoo android APP v6 missed the elevation feature

As I remembered the old wahoo app could record the ascent and elevation feature and shows in line chart. And after few months, I start to use the new wahoo app, it missed the ascent and elevation, only record the distance, time, lap and bluetooth sensor.
How to record the ascent in New wahoo app? Did I missed something?

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A non-Wahoo person in there mentioned that the app is not set up to capture elevation, so based on the experience of everyone that appears to be the case.

At least, 2023 before Oct, Wahoo android app has the elevation feature, I can’t remember the app version. It’s good and detailed. And In history pages of new wahoo 6.0, it shows the ascent I’ve ride before. Now in new wahoo 6.0, it can’t record the elevation. I don’t know if the feature removed.
Thanks for the reply.

It’s a new app, so the feature doesn’t exist in it at this moment. It could change in the future, but Wahoo hasn’t said anything.