Wahoo ELEMNT setup

I’m delighted with my Bolt, but it appears there’s no way to set up an odometer that accumulates all my ride miles and can be set to a starting mileage. I like to see how I’m doing mileage-wise as I ride thru the year. I began using my Bolt in mid year and had a few 100 miles accumulated on an old CatEye computer. I wanted to transfer that figure to my ELEMNT and I’ve been unable to both transfer that mileage to my Bolt, nor find an odometer on the Bolt. Am I missing something?

@tomdaoust Do you have the Element Companion App? There is an odometer on the statistics page.

I have the app that the Bolt transfer data to. Is that the Companion app?

Found it. Thanks. New problem.

I tried to turn on my Bolt for a ride. No luck. Battery was around 50%, so I knew that was not the problem. I charged the battery to full when I got home and now it’s acting normally. But I have a lot of ride data on my Bolt. Could that cause the problem. I could not get the Bolt to turn on, so sadly I could not record my ride, not enjoy the display of my speed, heart rate, etc.

Is there a way to delete rides on the Bolt after the data is safely stored in the cloud? How can I do that? I don’t recall the instructions giving advice on that. I’d even be ok with the Bolt automatically keeping only the last few rides after assuring me the data is safely stored on my iPhone and/or in the cloud.

Is there a way to edit the odometer that’s in the settings on my iPhone app?

This is why I’m asking… I used 3 different bike computers and a different bike earlier in the current calendar year. I want the odometer to indicate my total miles since Jan 1, 2023 without having to mentally add in the data from 2 previous bike computers. Can the Wahoo iPhone app allow me to do that?

I will be so grateful, not to mention happy, if someone can help me do this?

I also would like to transfer my 15,000 miles from my previous odometer. Can you do it? If not, can Wahoo add it to the App?

Good point. Many might be attracted to the Wahoo if we were able to transfer the odometer reading from a bike computer we are retiring in favor of a Wahoo.

I have not found a way to edit the odometer reading. I’m sure many bike odo users adopt a new odo and would like to transfer the old Odo reading to the new Wahoo odometer. It’s such a common need I cannot understand why Wahoo does not make this possible and convenient. If it’s possible I’d appreciate someone jumping into this conversation with the solution.

I found a workaround to the problem. As I track my miles in Strava, I just add miles until my total Strava miles add up to 15,000. Now, I have an odometer of all my miles.

There are several problems with this method. Strava only lets you add 999.9 for each entry, so I had to do it several times until I reached my total. I set the time so I did it when Strava started so it does not influence my yearly total. Another problem is that Strava reports my longest ride is 999.9 miles.

It would be better if I could do it on my Wahoo directly. In the past, I posted a picture of my bike’s odometer on Facebook everytime, I reached 10,000. Now, it is much more difficult.

Thanks. Your workaround illustrates the problem of not being able to edit the odo in Wahoo. There might be a reason Wahoo hasn’t allowed us to edit the odometer. I’d like to hear it. It better be a good reason.

Thanks/ Your workaround illustrates the problem of not being able to edit the odo in Wahoo.

I guess Wahoo is not going to chime in here and help us out. On Jan 1 I want to reset my odo to 0 and begin tracking miles for the year.