Wahoo Kickr Bike vs Wattbike Atom Gen 2

A little while ago, I pulled the trigger on a Gen 2 Wattbike Atom. Great piece of kit but sadly for me the instability of ERG was too much of an issue. I sold it on to part fund an upgrade to a Kickr Bike.

Graphs below show the difference between the two when riding Angels to the same target power within a month of each other.

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Have to ask… erg mode power smothering mode on or off for the Kickr?

In fairness it will be on, but it would take one hell of a lot of smoothing to iron out the Atom.

Regardless, the feel on the bike is chalk and cheese.

In fairness you can’t compare graphs if erg mode smothering is on. MoP bit out of the way, happy you’re happy and enjoying the cheese (or chalk) :+1: