Wahoo kickr core strange noise problem?

My Wahoo kickr core started to make this weird nose, sound is going on-off and there’s a little bit of vibration also : Wahoo Kickr Core Noise problem?? - YouTube

Device is few years old and bought used so no warranty, anybody have any ideas what to look for?

It sounds similar to problems I experienced with my KICKR Core. Mine was a bearing issue. Fortunately, my unit was under warranty and they swapped it for a refurbished unit at no cost.

I would send a support ticket to Wahoo with a short video attachment. I don’t think the fix is overly complicated if you’re mechanically inclined. I’m not too gifted in this area.


Hi there. My Kickr Core started with the same noise this week. Did you manage to fix it? Thanks!


I sent a support request to Wahoo. They replaced my unit with a refurbished unit at no charge. They were very prompt in getting the refurbished unit to me. The only downside is they won’t ship the refurbished unit until the carrier notifies them you have shipped the defective unit.

Mine was bad bearing, fix was very easy and bearing a few euros

Hi @Jac05 and welcome.

Mine went the same way late last year. It was just coming up for 2 years old and Wahoo replaced with a refurbished unit without quibble.

I also looked into replacing the bearing myself if required and it looked reasonably straight forward.

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I’ve also had the bearings fail on a 2 year old kickr core which was replaced with a refurb. Wahoo support are always excellent in my experience.

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Wahoo uses ZZ bearings without rubber seals and i think that’s why they fail, i replaced mine 2RS bearings

Thanks, guys. Very helpful.