Power Smoothing

Is power smoothing supposed to work in Level mode? It works fine in Erg mode, but not in Level mode. I’m using a Whoo Smart Bike and running the Systm app on my MacBook.

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no idea, but there’s no point to it anyway, and good reason to not use it.




Thanks for no help CPT

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Are you certain that it isn’t smoothing in level mode? The numbers will still bounce around quite a bit, at least in my experience.

I’ve noticed that my power levels seem “bouncier” in ERG mode than level mode, probably because in ERG mode the computer+trainer combination constantly tries to adjust resistance to keep the power constant in the face of my imperfectly constant cadence, whereas in level mode the resistance behaves more like an actual bike and it’s easier to be applying constant torque when the resistance isn’t constantly changing slightly. I usually run with averaging off (I don’t think it affects data recording, so I suppose I could go check if my power output is less steady in ERG mode).


The SYSTM power smoothing, controlled from the settings panel when doing a workout, works the same whether erg or level - short term averaging of the displayed but not recorded values. The Kickr erg mode power smoothing, feature of the Kickr/bike, is only for erg mode - it’s in the name - and affects the values sent to SYSTM. And, of course, it should always be off, #saynotopowersmothering :wink:


Sorry, was being flippant, but you understand that - other than make your graphs artificially pretty - power smoothing does literally nothing, right? The point is, with smoothing off, you’re better able to see your true power application, which can help with a smoother pedal stroke, elimination of dead spots, etc. All good things to learn, watch and practice if you don’t bury them in power smoothing.

And I would agree with @CraigM and @JamesT, it probably IS working, but with ERG turned off, your numbers in level mode are bouncing around a lot more - probably more than power smoothing can compensate for.


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If you go into the settings for your Kickr bike I suspect you’ll have ERG mode smoothing on. This basically sends a value of your ERG power target (say 200w) to SYSTM regardless of what’s going on. It creates nice neat graphs, but is misleading as to what is really going on.

Thanks TT. I understand how the smoothing works, I would just like to know if it available to be used in Level Mode. I use a 3 second average on my road bike’s power meter and I find it very helpful - especially when trying to hit power targets over shorter efforts. I’m sure my inefficient pedalling doesn’t help, but to have the power display on my Kikr bike jumping up and down by dozens of watts all the time isn’t the most helpful either.

Thanks for this James but maybe I’m missing something. Your reply says that it works the “same for erg or level” but then you also say it’s “only for erg mode.” ??

There is an option in the settings within SYSTM for power smoothing, that might help?

Hi CPT. Yes, I understand how it works. I’ve been using a 3sec power avg to display the watts on my road bike for years and I find it very helpful. I’ve been off the bike for a while so obviously my watts will be bouncing around more that I would like. However, in Erg mode, the smoothing is displaying as it’s designed so, if it is being applied in Level mode, the power display should be the same. If power smoothing is not available in Level mode, that’s fine - I’ll still be turning the pedals. I would think someone should know specifically if it is available in Level mode or not. Thanks!

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I was trying to describe the two completely different and unrelated power “smoothing” options available to you? I’d write it again but would likely write the same thing :man_shrugging:

Systm power smoothing = 3s averaging for displayed power, erg/level agnostic

Kickr erg mode power smoothing = (fake) smooth power reported by kickr/bike data for erg mode, regular data for level

SYSTM smoothing, yes. Kickr erg mode smoothing, no.

Agreed. And turning off the erg mode smoothing setting for the Kickr/bike (via the wahoo kickr app, nothing to do with SYSTM) is what I’d do to achieve that. Although your erg mode power data may not then appear to be quite so “smooth”…

(sorry, trying to be helpful but I really don’t like power smoothing of any form so my attempt at helpfulness may be tainted by personal opinion. But, still, turn it off :grinning:)


Watching this might help

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+1. We will die on this hill. :joy:

Thanks everybody for your replies but my question wasn’t asking for personal opinions. It’s a simple yes or no question that nobody seems able to answer - even Sytstm support. Not sure why - weird. Again, is the power smoothing option available in Level Mode - yes or no. Btw, I’m 60 yrs old, been riding for my entire life and I’ve been using a power meter for many, many years. I’m entirely aware of how to use one.


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was my answer. About as simple yes/no as I could make it and most of my reply tried to avoid giving personal opinion. Sorry, maybe I misunderstand what simple question you were asking :thinking:

Shortest answer, as this is in the SYSTM software category so presumably you’re asking about the systm power smoothing…

is the power smoothing option available in Level Mode - yes

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Exactly this. Yes power smoothing can be toggled on and off within SYSTM. This is different to ERG mode smoothing which (and the clue is in the name :wink:) can’t be applied to level mode.

I would confirm that, with your Kickr software, that erg mode smoothing is off. This can’t be done within the SYSTM software.

Maybe this visual will help.

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Yes, that will smooth things out, flatten everything it will. Might last longer than 3 seconds though!