Wahoo Kickr not working

Afternoon guys, new here!

I’ve had my Kickr about a week now, I use ROUVY.
For some reason it’s just not working.

My dad has the exact same set up, I went on his and as expected the Kickr matches the % of the incline, I also HAD to change gear in the steep inclines, all very realistic which made me buy one.

Mine is totally different, I can stay in 2/5 on the gears even on 10% grade, so I don’t ever have to change gears. Mine also won’t go up and down at all. It works manually with the buttons.

I’ve definitely unlocked it, there’s no settings on ROUVY which would affect it.

From what I’ve read it sounds like I’m on ‘ERG mode’ but I can’t seem to find anywhere to change this. On ROUVY I’m using routes and not workouts. All my settings are the same as my dads.

I’ve unpaired and paired everything several times.

Help! What am I missing!

Thanks in advance!

No idea what’s wrong, but a couple things you may share to help figure it out.
Have you tried it on anything but Rouvy to see if it changes tilt and resistance?
If you have a device that can control the KICKR, like a Wahoo Roam, Bolt, Elemnt, or Garmin Edge, Fenix, whatever, try those and see if it behaves differently. Upload a course to them and see if it follows and makes changes appropriately.
If it DOES work properly on those or on another app, I would poke around in Rouvy settings for an answer. (MAYBE even uninstall the app and reinstall again to rule out a corrupt install.)

One thing, though. You mentioned your Dad’s KICKR (BTW, are we talking KICKR Bike, or KICKR trainer?) You said you HAD to change gears on steep inclines? At least on my KICKR Bike, the only time you would change gears is riding LEVEL Mode. If your Dad’s was in LEVEL Mode but yours is in ERG, that explains the no need to change gears. You aren’t supposed to change gears in ERG; that only confuses the trainer for a few seconds till it adjusts to your new gear.
I’m thinking maybe you need to poke around in Rouvy settings more to find a solution. Having never used Rouvy, I can’t give any insight there.

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I have the same issue with wahoo RGT on my laptop. Used to work just fine and about a week ago started to have problems like you described. For now I connect with a phone app and it works fine, the gradradient is simulated as inteded.

I will be sending support request and thats probably the best you can do as well.

Hmm, if it’s not too much hassle, I’d probably first try an uninstall and reinstall of RGT on your laptop. I saw mention of someone needing to do that since the last release of RGT,

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