Wahoo starting issues

I have a wahoo kickr which I have had for 3 yearspreviously no problems, have used Zwift, FulGaz and Rouvy, now using Rouvy. For the last several months, when I go to a Rouvy ride, I see speed and heart rate but no cadence and power. I have tried all the things everyone including Wahoo suggested, making sure no other bluetooth apps are open, checking wifi, disconnecting and reconnecting the sensors. No help. So I pedal awhile and stop, let the fly wheel spin down, and after 7 or 8 attempts, it will begin to register power and cadence but only for a few pedal strokes, then the power goes down to about 40 watts, even if I stop pedaling. So again I pedal awhile, stop, let the wheel spin down, and the sequence repeats usually 4-5 times, then finally the power and cadence begin to register, and stay registering, and I can complete my ride. So I am still able to get my workout in, but its usually about 20-30 after getting on the bike that i can start. So far have done all the wahoo trouble shooting, and several emails back and forth, no help so far. I don’t think its interference from anything else, when I turn off rouvy the blue lightthat indicates blue tooth connection blinks slowly indicating no connection. Same thing if I use the wahoo app on my phone, it indicates the sensors are connected when I pedal it reads speed but not cadence or power.
Any thoughts anyone might have would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

I should also add that as long as there is no power or cadence, the picture does not indicate movement

Soundsike your KICKR has a defect and needs to be replaced. Loss of power/cadence indicates an internal issue. BTW, KICKR does not supply HR data.
Also, I have not been able to get it to connect for speed on my Garmin Watch…