Wahoo Kickr v6 power dropouts

During the Crit race in ToS today (erg mode and auto pause turned off) I noticed that the power number dropped to zero, and stopped updating. Before that happened, the numbers would drop on few more occasions in the same ride for brief time, but then at some point they just stopped updating. Cadence was registering.

The fix was to get off the bike, and unplug the trainer, then plug it back, which I had to do several times. I’ve had the same issue in the past, but usually after resuming paused workout.

Was wondering if anyone experienced similar problems on their trainers? For the sake of argument let’s say it’s not related to BT interference, as Zwift and everything else runs normally.

I’ve had the same issue on many pro rides for over a year now, specifically if I stop pedaling during the coasting/easy sections (ie coasting through a corner, a lot of those in todays crit race). I find if I let the power and cadence go to zero, more times than not it will not come back. And it’s not because of easy erg mode as I pedal for a good 30+ seconds waiting for the power to come back and it never does. The only fix is to unplug the trainer and plug it back in just like you did. I’ve gotten to a point that I don’t coast, even if it tells me to. I also don’t reduce cadence quickly out of fear that the power and cadence reading will go to zero and not come back. Even with that, it happened to me once today when I accidentally let cadence and power go to zero for a half a second or so.

By the way, I have a Kickr V5.

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@TJ.Anderson That doesn’t sound normal. Contact support.

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@TJ.Anderson Yup, sounds like exactly same issue. I also noticed during Tour Down under, since there are no cadence targets, is the power target was at coasting (for me ~50W at the time), and the cadence was over 100rpm, the power would drop to 0W.

On several times, if I lowered the cadence to aboit 90-100rpm, the power would wake up after 10+ seconds or so.

I’m curious on what are you running the Systm and which version of the app is it?

@Luka I run SYSTM on my iPad (5th generation so a little old) or on my iPhone 14. I mirror both to my Apple TV. Both are completely up to date on iOS and the SYSTM app (7.71.0 SYSTM app on both). Yesterday the issue was on my iPad. I haven’t paid attention if the issue is only when I use my iPad or both.

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I’m sure it’s unrelated, but a couple of years ago I had issues with my Saris Hammer dropping during a SYSTM workout. Not wanting to start/stop the workout, I jumped off the bike, unplugged and plugged in the trainer, got back on and kept going. That prompted me to get a set of cheap remote controlled outlets (Amazon) that allowed me to reboot the trainer while still on the bike. That problem ceased long ago but now I use those sockets to turn on/off two fans I use for cooling.

My Kickr MOVE never drops out during my workouts. Neither did my Kickr CORE.

I would contact Wahoo Support directly as it seems if it could be BLTE interference or a hardware issue.

Zwift and other apps have been know to use “sticky watts” where when your trainer connection drops for a second they keep your previous wattage showing. This makes it seem like your connection is more stable than it really is since it obscures your dropouts.

I’ve found SYSTM to be a bit more finicky about BT interference. And so I switched my HR and Cadence sensors from BT to Ant+ to remove the extra BT connections. I haven’t had any issues for the last couple years with my CORE and none since it switched to the MOVE.

So definitely worth the contact to Wahoo support.

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Same here. Kickr v6 using Zwift.

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Running Kickr V6.

Same problem even when connected with wifi.

Pairing in game and it works again

But the group in workouts/rides are gone as the rider stands still when pairing.

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