Wahoo Roam v2 with Di2

I own a wahoo roam v2 and the shifting data of my 105 Di2 is not saved in the training .fit file .
Is this normal ?

In my case (Roam v2 + L-TWOO eGR) it records the shifting data but there seems to be a software bug related to this:

If I turn off the computer while recording the ride and then turn it back on and continue my ride - the resulting activity is missing the first part of the shifting data and only has the recording since I turned it back on.

All other data (including other sensors I have) is saved correctly for the whole ride, but gear shifting data from before turning off is missing and activity title is “Unknown” instead of “Cycling”. o.O

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I use 105 Di2 as well and just looked at my last ride’s fit file. Shifting data is there for me.

I shared the fit file from my iOS ELEMNT Companion App to my home computer to view the file, if that makes a difference to you @oberti.

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Thanks @Glen.Coutts , can you share your fit file please ?


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I won’t share the file but but I can share an image of the “events” showing gear changes:

Edit: this is the site I used to view the file: https://www.fitfileviewer.com/

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No problem…thanks for the screen.

Wahoo roam v2 firmware version ?

I’m on FW WC46-17025 and was for that ride as well.

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I was just thinking, @oberti, do you have the Di2 paired and set up as a field on one of your pages on the ROAM2! I don’t want to assume you do.

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Yes…I have a page with Gear chart
My event screen, only 3 rows


One thing I have noticed is that the Di2 can be really REALLY slow to connect. Are you sure it was connected during the ride? That is, were you seeing the gear changes on the head unit while you were riding? Have you had any rides where the fit file shows gear changes and the absence is a new occurrence?

Also, do you have the latest Di2 FW installed and are your batteries (both shifters and main) percentages good?

I suppose you could try forgetting and re-adding the Di2.

I have never had this data since day one (February 2024) and the FW of my shimano 105 was updated 2 weeks ago. During training it is connected, I see the gear changes on the screen.
But I don’t pair it every time I go out, it stays paired every time I press a button on the gear lever before training starts. At this point I try to delete and re-couple the gearbox assembly

thanks @Glen.Coutts …stay tuned for future news :slight_smile:


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Did you say where you are getting your fit file from? Is it in the ELEMNT Companion App? When you go to the History tab in the CA and select a ride you’ve done, when you scroll down through that, the 2nd last chart is Gears, with the last chart being Temperature as in the pic from my last ride:

If you’re not even getting this, then hopefully forgetting and repairing will "fix’ it.

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I also don’t see gears events in the app :frowning:

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Ciao @Glen.Coutts …I deleted and reassociated my 105 di2 and magically all works.

Thanks a lot for your help and suggestions

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Happy to help and glad it worked!