Wahoo SYSTM + Wahoo Direct Connect

I just “upgraded” from a KICKR Core to a KICKR v5 and while doing so I ordered a Direct Connect adapter. Set everything up, in the Wahoo App it is shown like this and in Wahoo SYSTM App on my Windows machine it connects as well (can be seen with the “broom” icon).

Now I tried the same on my iPad (and iPhone too), but with those devices I still just have the ability to connect via BT.

My first though was, well it seems Direct Connect does only work with wired devices (like my Windows machine). Strangely if I go to the Z#### App on my iPad, there it is possible to connect over Direct Connect.

Does this mean Direct Connect Support is missing for for iOS Wahoo SYSTM? And if so, will this be added? And now I am really getting funky: If it will be added, WHEN will it be the case!? :wink:

Thanks in advance
Sir Stephan

Hi @kraton77 I don’t have the skills to help with this but will pass it on to someone who does. In the meantime you may get a quicker reply from customer service . Thanks for posting this.

I believe it’s not on Android or iOS at the moment. Definitely log a ticket though both to confirm that but also to make sure they know people areaksijg for it to get it implemented :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers guys! :slight_smile: Raised a ticket, and will let you know the answer here, as soon as I got one!

Not very promising answer:

Hello Stephen

You are correct that the direct connection only works with hardwired devices and is missing from the iOS SYSTM app. I have no further information on whether this will change or not. On the iPad you do have the option to connect with Direct Connect, but that will not work because Direct Connect is not available in either Android or iOS apps.