Sync sufferfest workouts with wahoo app?

I searched but couldn’t find a way to sync Suffestfest completed workouts with the Wahoo app. Is there a way to directly link Sufferfest to the Wahoo app? Since both are Wahoo owned apps I was hoping this integration is easily possible and not in a round about way.

Three reasons:

  1. The post ride analytical software in the wahoo app is better than the sufferfest’s post ride. You can scrub over the graphs (esp. power, HR etc) and see how it went
  2. Easy to sync with Apple health
  3. Wahoo app seems to be a good repository of all rides esp. for those who dont want to push everything to Strava or TP

@abhi4121 It isn’t possible. I think something to that effect is coming. I know a focus has been getting the data from outdoor rides into the SUF app and perhaps the way that they will do it is a connection via the Wahoo app. Right now I use Strava to consolidate my stuff and do some basic analytics. I do like the social aspects of that platform and the route planning including being able to download race courses to pre-ride before the race date.

Also check out Final Surge and Both of those platforms have more analytical tools - especially

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Thanks for your reply and suggestions! I will check out the apps you’ve suggested.

Hope Wahoo can incorporate a sync between their own apps soon!