SYSTM doesn’t show watts number

After upgrading to SYSTM, I reconnected my trainer and it has the control of it(I can feel the change across sessions in ERG mode), but there is only “- -“ showing in the display for watts. What should I do to make it running normal, my trainer has a “watt with circle” mark on the device list, anything wrong with it? Or should it have another icon meaning watt can be displayed?

Since the Workout Screen and Options are more or less unchanged in SYSTM it should be as it was.
Probably not helping your problem but for me it is still working as with the Sufferfest App.
Maybe remove and re-add the Device, Toggle the Power Field, contact the Minions and reinstall the App :cry:

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I tried those but not working… Thanks for the reply anyway, after upgrading both my iPhone/iPad have the same issue that showing/controlling of the power won’t work together, not sure maybe because the firmware of my trainer is outdated now. But I will use my laptop with ANT+ no problem, just a little inconvenient to reset my pain cave lol.

Oops I just made another thread with similar issue.
May I know what trainer do you use?

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Same for me! I am using Magene T300 as well. It used to work well with Sufferfest before updating. I don’t have any solution for now as there isn’t any new firmware released recently not sure if that’s the problem. The only thing I can do now is to switch to my laptop and using ANT+

Based on support answer. It’s time to move out from this apps unfortunately.

Thank you, so the Magene does not connect via FTMS bluetooth protocol which is what the systm app uses for connection on IOS devices. This protocol has changed from Sufferfest.

At this time we do not support connection with this trainer, on IOS.

Wow that’s a shame

Indeed, unfortunately.

Pretty sure this is because Apple isn’t going to support ant+ going forward?

Its the bluetooth protocol they said :sweat_smile:

They’re using the newer Bluetooth protocol and I guess your trainer doesn’t transmit that. Does it do ANT+ and can you use an ant+ dongle on a laptop maybe?

Pretty sure it can connect if I use ANT+ connection. Well to make things a bit complicated, I already 100% without laptop lol. Move the entire daily workflow to pad and phone :frowning:

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Ah, I guess that complicates things.aybe a cheap 2nd hand laptop just for the paincave? Probably miles cheaper than a new trainer

Would something like the 4iiii VIIIIVA HRM or the North Pole Engineering Cable do the trick.

I don’t have either so can’t speak from personal experience but as I understand it they act as an ANT+ to BLE bridge and hence retransmit all your ANT+ devices to iOS using BLE.



and discussion in this foreign country(!):

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Wow thanks for your suggestion. Never learned of that before, I will definitely check those up. For now I’m ok to use laptop with ANT+, just a bit inconvenient to constantly bring laptop from work to paincave every time lol