Way Too Early Second KOS Anniversary Quest Announcement

I am hereby making my Way-Too-Early-Second-KOS-Anniversary-Quest-Announcement. I’ve added my training plans to my calendar. I am all set to prepare myself for my second annual KOS Anniversary Quest. (also known as my third annual KOS Quest).

I am qualified because:

  1. I am ( *well ) over 18 years old ( *unwell? )
  2. I have an appointment to see my doctor
  3. There is no third qualification

My attempt will take place (GvA willing) on either Nov 4, 11, or 18. Preferably on the 11th (that’s closest to the actual date), but I’ve given myself some flexibility and I’ll nail down the date as it gets closer.

My current list looks like this:

  1. The Best Thing in the World to start because every KOS quest starts with misplaced optimism.
  2. Team Scream at #2 because at this point I will be screaming at myself, wondering why I am doing this to myself again.
  3. The Rookie is up next for some GvA motivation because if I survive Team Scream I will feel I’m ready for my Pro Contract.
  4. Local Hero comes after The Rookie because I will still be feeling on top of the world. This is where that feeling will likely end.
  5. Next I will Do As You’re Told because now I’ll be proper suffering with the finish line still a long way off and I’ll need to follow orders and keep riding.
  6. Now we get into the nemesis workouts as I feel like my body is being squeezed by 14 Vice Grips
  7. And then I’ll need my second nemesis The Shovel to dig myself out of the hole I’ve put myself in and find the courage to dig my way out.
  8. Once I’ve found my courage I’ll need to get to my Power Station and generate everything I’ve got so I can finish this quest.
  9. At #9 I will be in A Very Dark Place.
  10. Finally at #10 I will be The Model of a Knight of Sufferlandria as I rip through my tenth workout (Or it rips through me - one or the other).
  11. If I’ve finished all 10 then I will be the GOAT and start my victory tour in style with Mike Cotty as my personal laser goat. :goat:
  12. And I will finally put myself out of my misery with Revolver and there will be nothing left. This is the end of me - er, I mean, the end of this successful :crossed_fingers: anniversary quest.
  13. (Next Year?) :man_facepalming: :roll_eyes:

*I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell…


but of course Sir, you will:


Very well thought out plans! Excellent!

And - by the way - if you hear the following conversation during #10:

How am I looking? You‘re looking beautiful babe!

…then you might look, well, just, err, beautiful…!
Crush it! :boom: :boom: :boom:


Nobody questions our sanity as we have none. As to the story, it’s GLORIOUS.


May GvA have mercy on you Sir @emacdoug and I hope you will be created a Lord or even a Duke some day soon.

I agree with Sir @jmckenzieKOS, no one, absolutely no one would even dare to question our sanity. :wink:

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So true! :laughing:

My insanity is very well planned. lol!

So you mean there will be none. Just as I expected. :wink:

I absolutely will! Or I will be crushed. There is no try. :imp: :goat:


Actually I could have made a story like yours too. Let me think of how to briefly narrate my attempt last month😅

Should have said “May GvA have some mercy on you” haha

Sounds a little like butter, churn or be churned :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Don’t look:

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If I underestimate GvA I will Rue the Day.

Assuming I make it through that may be my first ride next year. :wink: But I am not going to get ahead of myself. GvA says to take my suffering one interval at a time.

I will:




Also +1 for the Matchbox 20 ref.


GvA has gone soft? However soft GvA could be, it will be still be too tough for Couchlandrians :wink:

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I’ve heard couches are too tough for Couchlandrians.


I think they prefer Laz-e-boys

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I take my craziness seriously. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

+1 for noticing! :+1:

Remember, Smokey Bear says “don’t play with matches.”

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I watch a YouTube channel that has trains from Pomfret New York, US. He has a Norfolk Southern on fire as one of his intro/outro videos. The engine blew a turbo and eventually caught fire like that.

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They must be huge fans of Sleeping Child too :smirk:

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I always liked my kids the most when they were sleeping. :man_shrugging:

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Haha Sir Glen, when the kids are asleep, that’s when we adults get to get our sleep too. :smile:
I almost typed something else but I decided to delete it, since it will sound too sadistic and downright creepy. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


With the seasons changing I’ve nailed down my calendar. It’s no longer too early to announce that I’ve now chosen Fri Nov 18 as the date of my second KOS anniversary quest.

Cleaned my bike and soaked and thoroughly scrubbed out all my gearing over the weekend. Now riding on smoother gears with new SUF nation themed shoes. A month and a half should be plenty of time to break them in.

Rode 755 miles in Sept for the Great Cycling Challenge. Form is rounding out nicely.

Think 6 weeks is long enough for SUF to finally roll out that long-requested playlist function? :crossed_fingers:


Hey Sir @emacdoug, I gotta say I laughed a little (out loud) when I looked at your list again :smiling_imp:. 12 Vids. I’m already looking forward to next year!
evil laugh