Weakness following new HM results

I’ve been Suffering for nearly 4 years now. I love the Sufferfest and the massive health and riding improvements it has brought me.

I recently did Half Monty and my numbers went up quite a bit off the back of plenty of focussed training. Previous FF numbers showed a weakness in MAP so I concentrated on this aspect.

Current HM results were 302 FTP, 380 MAP. (NM is 1121 and AC is 520). My question is what is my weakness now? Is it still MAP vs FTP? I want to know what video types I should be training with to improve further.

Huge numbers … nice one.

I don’t know the magic SUF algorithm’s and average means nothing … usual caveat etc…

From my experience, compared to the average, you may be nailing it bang on with what you’re doing as that looks like a great ftp/map ‘proportion’. And if it’s been working for you … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Sufferfest is definitely an effective training platform (my ftp in 2016 when I started riding was 217w).

Unfortunately Half Monty is not (yet) capable of generating rider types or weakness because it only accurately measures 2 of the 4 metrics.
That being said, based on your HM results I can say that MAP is no longer a weak point for you, so what ever you have been doing to build up your MAP has certainly worked!
If your AC and NM have been relatively stable/ consistent over the past 2 or 3 Full Frontals you have completed then I would suggest your next area of focus to be Sustained efforts. So long sustained sessions would be good, however, sessions like Who Dares and Team Scream would also be beneficial for you to improve your sustained power.
Awesome to hear about how much progress you have made since joining the app, keep up the good work!

Thanks for the reply - much appreciated. I’ve basically chosen 2 MAP rides and a sustained effort ride per week as my long term training plan. Base miles are achieved outdoors once or twice weekly on endurance/ tempo rides.

This has been very effective in boosting the MAP which was always the weakness identified after 4DP testing. The analysis from Sufferfest was that was the key to increasing ftp for me was raising MAP and you were entirely correct. Now that the ratio between ftp and MAP seems more balanced I had been wondering whether to continue on the same training plan or modify it?

However, I’ve already tried several videos such as Defender, 14 vice grips and ftp progression on the new numbers. They are certainly more challenging and close to my limits. I think therefore that progression is inevitable so I will continue with the current plan and re test when/ if I can complete Nine Hammers.

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