Half Monty Results

Long time Sufferfest user, but only second Half Monty.

Is this common: MAP +12, FTP -9, LTHR -3

Been doing the Metric Century training plan and noticed my Max HR had gone up a few beats. Not sure what that means. This was a rest week, but with all the crap going on I haven’t had the best sleeps so that might have been a cause of the FTP showing lower, where the MAP is based more on muscle output.

Just curious if anyone else has had the same results. Thanks.

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There’s a pretty wide range of results for people doing the HM. If you search the forum you’ll see there are lots of folks with questions about it. Search results for 'Half Monty ' - The Sufferfest

PS. I’ve moved your post to the Training Topic as it seems a better fit here.

The one before my last HM was similar to this.
Weeks later I confirmed the same trend in FF, my MAP got a little further increase and the FTP a further dicrease.
Than I reformulated my plan for the next 3 months.
This Thursday, after 1 week of transition (but with a good volume load) and 3 weeks into the plan I did HM again.
It was performed as an workout and I was not that fresh. I ended up getting personal bests in FTP and MAP, as well as for LTHR (when obtained using HM). I got quite surprised indeed, but happy to know the plan I personalized myself is resulting in better FTP (but also MAP), good to know ceiling and floor raised together this time.


I have HM in 2 weeks. I’ve also been following the ng the metric centaur plan. My event was canceled but ill stick to it.

I hope my numbers don’t go down:(