Do i need to update FTP and map values

I am recent sufferlandrian. I’ve done Fitness kick starter plan and now i am ending GrandFondo plan.
I ve done three tests as prescribed in the plans. I just done the Half Monty 3 weeks ago.
I’m just a little confused as my HR doesn’t reach the zone of the exercises unless i increase my FTP Value by 7 or 10 % and my map value by 3 % ( the last one : the Shovel, the Bat or Power station)
Do I have to follow the HR zone or stay at the power calculated by the app ?

Sounds like you might still be on a steep improvement slope, which means your 4DP values soon drop behind your fitness curve. If you are finding the workouts relatively easy then I would just plan in another HM test and see where that puts you. Or even a Full Frontal if you are feeling brave!

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Essentially, the Sufferfest is a power based training platform. There are a few workouts where other metrics take precedence (the constrained HR section of Half Monty, for example) but otherwise you should concentrate on matching power.

HR is, of course, a useful metric but is variable on any given day based on hydration, temperature, fatigue, stress, etc.

If you find that matching power through workouts leaves you with a feeling that you have not been trying very hard, you’ll probably need to retest but cross that bridge when you come to it.


Power station +10%.was hard for my legs, easy for the cardio
The Bat.: i just reach the low zone 3 on the last sequence with 2% of increase from the second

So I will do a new test soon
2 weeks seemed to me a brief interval

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I’ve done HalfMonty today
Map + 44 FTP +37
It seems too high for a 3 week period !

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I think what you might be seeing is that your CV is a lot stronger than your legs. So even though your legs are burning, your HR is barely under strain. I remember hearing about a runner who is new to cycling having the same symptoms. Because of their running, they have a very strong CV. But because they are new to cycling, they didn’t have the leg strength yet.