MTB 100 with strength

Should the strength and bike sessions be done immediately before/after the other on a given day, or is there a recommended time period that should separate them? The instructions just say ‘before strength’ or ‘after strength’

For back to back rides, there is a small incremental benefit to actually doing them back to back, but it really doesn’t matter much from a training stimulus perspective. For strength, that’s even more true: it doesn’t matter. Do whatever fits in your schedule better.

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I think the podcast on the benefits of strength training suggested a minimum of 4 hours between strength and bike work which in reality means a strength session in the morning and workout in the evening. As far as double bike sessions, I believe this was asking recently and the ultimate answer was to do what fits your schedule.


There’s a podcast on trainer road too that says the evidence is inconclusive. my schedule is usually early mornings only. Some of the combined strength/bike sessions seem quite complementary- ie strength then torque or viva versus.
Benefits of wfh tho frees up my commute time :+1:

@TTDragon @henryd I think the recent podcast was suggesting separating by 4 hours if the ride was endurance focused. Otherwise I think they can be done back to back - especially those that are complementary to strength such as Cadence Builds, Standing Starts, G.O.A.T or Power Station.

The podcast also recommended 48 hours of recovery after strength which I can understand for stuff like squats or dead lifts where there is delayed muscle soreness but it probably isn’t as important for upper body exercises other than possibly general fatigue issues.

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Ah I must have missed/forgotten that part. Good advice, thanks.