What 1 (or 2) SUF workouts a week

With the outsides calling I can’t see myself getting back to a SUF based training plan anytime soon.

I did see some good gains when I did a plan so still keen to do 1-2 sessions a week.

I mainly ride xc and gravel and would be fitting them around 2-3 hrs on Tue, 5 hours (or racing) on Sun and a hour commuting a day.

What would people suggest as appropriate? Was thinking of focusing on high intensity as the trainer is so much more effective at getting this work done.


Is your Tuesday pretty intense usually?

If it is, a hard Tuesday and long/hard Saturday… I don’t know about doing 2 more intense days. If you do hours commuting too… sheesh. You’re going to blow sky high at that rate with 4 hard rides per week plus the commute.

If though Tuesday is a strict endurance ride and your commutes are endurance pace (not red light sprints), then I’d pick any of the intense workouts in the Sufferfest. Fight club is a good one, the Shovel, Angels… pick your poison! Maybe make one intense speed work style and the other more of a Tempo muscle endurance (Butter)…

Food for thought

I don’t remember where i read it, but the saying said outside for quantity indoor for quality. Meaning that indoor you really do have control of the environment and so can mor properly focus on what you want to work on. Alsi in term sof your interval sessions you need to ask yourself what is it you want to improve? FTP? MAP, etc. then also you could use your commutes as recovery rides… so not easy answer here other than your approach seems good just need to figure out how much load you want/need vs. your objective.

Hope this helps