What next after completing a training plan?

I will be finishing the e-racing training plan in 3 weeks. The process has been really enjoyable and I am considering what to do next.

With better weather on the way I would like to do more outdoor rides but retain any fitness gains.

Am I better off starting a new plan and skipping some of the workouts in favour of longer outdoor rides or … not follow a plan and mix outdoor rides with Suff sessions that address the weaknesses in my 4D rider profile?

Appreciate any advice :smile:

Hi @A_Rig, welcome to the forums.

It’s all up to you really! I think the general advice from the coaches is to take a week off after any of the 12 week training plan to decompress a bit. I asked a similar question a few weeks ago as I was finishing the Century plan. One of the coaches said I should take a week off or a recovery week, then do the Full Frontal Prep plan and Full Frontal to get my new numbers.

From there I was going to start a new plan, but you are right, the weather is nice! I might take a few weeks off from training plans just to enjoy riding. On bad weather days I’ll hit some of my favorite workouts or any that I’ve missed so far. Then I’m going to do the Half Monty to hone my numbers after my break then start a new plan.

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Hi @Brian_Kraemer ,
Thanks for the response.

I think that I will complete a 4DP test on completion of the plan to understand where I am with my fitness and then have an easy week off. During the summer I will do Suff workouts on an ad hoc basis so that I can make the most of the weather and my Suff subscription.
When the weather worsens (probably June :wink:) I will look to start another plan.

You could choose a plan that includes weekend outdoor rides. I’m currently doing the Hilly GF plan with indoor/outdoor option. It typically includes a couple of tough indoor SUF sessions during the week and longer outdoor endurance rides on weekends. Gives you the best of both worlds.

It would be good to take a rest week after the plan has finished and have your updated 4DP results ready for the next test. For the next one, you can choose to include outdoor rides as part of your plan when selecting training plans in the SYSTM app