6 week fitness prep coming to an end

So here we are, after years and years and years of suffering outside during rain and storm, snow and ice and a few hypothermic events, I just can’t get myself to do the outdoor suffering during winter anymore. Not in a way I used to anyway. Although I loved being alone on the bike during dreadful weather, the sense of being alive and buying more and more wintergear… Six weeks ago I bought myself a Kickr and settled for the 6 week fitness kickstarter plan. Coming Sunday is D-day; the Full Frontal.

Help, what to do next?

The weather is slowly turning for the better as spring is around the corner, so I’d like to do a 2-3 hour ride on the weekends, be it road or mud. But what to do during the week, I found out during the last weeks I like the structure of a plan very much. I loved the yoga, there is something about the voice of Abi so reassuring. Also all the different workouts are great, the on location rides are epic, the Sufferfest rides are funny yet instructional and even the novids are doable when playing some music.

So basically it comes down to this; is there a plan, including yoga, strength and the shorter (30-60 min) workouts which can accompany longer weekend rides outdoors?

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Welcome @Boef!

Do you have some sort of event you’re training for? That might help pick out a suitable plan.

Some of the plans have longer rides scheduled on the weekends (e.g., General Fitness → All Purpose, 100 Mile Gravel), or you can just skip whatever the plan has for the weekend and do your own outdoor rides. If you have a Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT or ROAM head unit, you can push most workouts to your head unit and do them outside.

Also, there are separate yoga and strength plans (see the Cross Training section) if your chosen overall training plan doesn’t include that as an option.