Advice for between plans

I am just coming off my my 2nd consecutive (almost) 12 week plan and would like to take approx 4 weeks off before diving into another. I would like to get in some long outdoor rides during this break and reduce my time on the trainer. However, I need to preserve my gains–especially my MAP. Is there a canned/standard plan I could use in the SUF app that would meet my requirements? Maybe a MAP Building Block? I saw the Transition Plans but am not sure how to interpret those.

Hey @DRT,
It would be plenty if you did one or two MAP workouts/week on the trainer and combine with your outdoor rides. Make sure to get plenty of recovery as well. The idea is to get a mental and physical break from a structured plan. You can go by how you feel and what you enjoy. Try workouts you haven’t done before especially the shorter ones. Does the make sense?


Yes, it does. Thanks!