What next

I just completed the Hilly Grand Fondo plan. Most plans I have done end in a FF.
This time I did a 100 miles ride, admittedly not very hilly.
Longest ride for about 2 years.
It was not too bad, maintained Ave speed of about 15.1 mph, not bad for me (I am 68).

Had a day off yesterday and just a recovery spin today.

I feel I should do another FF, but need to prepare for it. Don’t want to do a whole plan first.

Any suggestions?

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You could do a recovery week this week, then next week do a 4DP Full Frontal Test Peak Plan culminating with a FF at the end of the week.


Most plans assume you have an event or FF at the end of it, so the last week is generally a prep week. Since you did your outdoor century instead of FF (good choice in my opinion), you could recover a day or two, then smash FF. Or you could just pick another plan to stay active during the pandemic and leave your numbers alone. If you want to know if 2 of your numbers have changed without suffering through FF, you could just Half Monty. I’m about a dozen years behind you, and if you haven’t added strength and yoga to your plans I highly recommend them. After you do a 12 week plan with the off-bike sessions included you will absolutely be stronger and will see your numbers go up.

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Although I slightly ramped up the effort on today’s workout, I will re-evaluate at the end of the week. I do not feel I want to do ff just yet. Will play it by ear

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