Full Frontal timing after Centurty Plan

Hey all, I’m in my final 2 weeks of the Century Training plan at the intermediate level. And while I’m feeling overall fit and ready, the century ride at the end will certainly be my largest effort ever on a bike.

So I’m wondering if I should jump directly from the Century Ride on Sunday to the full frontal prep plan on Monday, or give it a week then jump into the plan?

For reference, my for my long ride this weekend I did 4.5 hrs with about 45% of my time at tempo or higher and I felt pretty good the next morning so I think holding endurance pace for 7ish hours should be ok. So I’m leaning towards immediately jumping into the FF plan, but wondering if anybody had similar experience or advice.

Hey @Brian_Kraemer ,
Good question. I would advise to have a week of unstructured recovery/fun then jump into an FF plan. If you need more time to decompress, take it. Take some time to bask in th glow if your epic event! Good Luck!



Thanks, @Coach.Spencer.R !

That’s what I’ll do then. And I’ll be sure to post the results of my century ride here as well!


You might try some of the recovery yoga sessions. You can find a bunch of them in the transition plans.

Remember, recovery is part of training.

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Oh for sure, I’ve been respecting the recovery weeks. Just with the century plan there is a 2 week taper before the century ride. And the full front prep plan isn’t too high in intensity, so I wasn’t sure when it was best to start the FF prep plan.

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