What Training plan when coming back

Dear SUF community,
I’m getting back at it after some break. I am thinking about enrolling to fitness restart training plan but I have also noticed all in plans. Why I am interested in the latter ? I want to incorporate yoga and strength programs with my bike. Combining normal plan with those is a little bit tricky.

If I were to go with all in attack, can I repeat those 4 weeks all over again or what is the best course of action after the initial training period.


Depends how you gauge your fitness I would say.

I’ve just completed the fitness kick starter, and it was great. Really got me back into it, and back into the habit of getting on the trainer.

You don’t need to use the All-in plans to add Yoga and Strength. The fitness kick-starter has those options and they incorporate well, why are they tricky for you? I think “All-in” is named because you have to go all in, not because they include everything.

I was quite unfit, I did the fitness kick-starter and I’m a lot fitter and my speed on the bike has improved by a huge amount. If you’re already fairly fit it might be of less use, so think about your goals instead.


Tricky because I don’t know how manually added yoga and strength would gel together with training in the bike. In the last 6 months I have gained some weight and been off the bike. Now I will try and bounce back.

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Ah ok. You don’t need to manually add them. If you choose the options while setting up the plan, the yoga and strength sessions are added for you.

I would suggest that you start the fitness kick-starter with the yoga and strength options. Give it a couple of weeks. If it’s not working for you, then you can go for the more intensive plans.


Hey Krzysztof,

If you wanted to go with the all-in option, I would recommend starting with beginner (this is for strength) and then do the 2-3 rides a week and then you can repeat the plan with beginner strength again but progress to 4-5 rides a week. If you wanted to repeat a third time, you could progress to intermediate strength.

I would say though that the fitness kickstarter is a more straightforward option for you to get back into it and when you select the plan you have the option of adding strength, yoga and mental toughness.


I think the all-in plans were made at the beginning of Covid… as in all in-doors. They’re not tailored to rider type and are somewhat less intense as to prevent weakening one’s immune system.