Training Plans

I would like to have a plan similar to “ALL IN” where I can choose how many rides a week I want to have. There is no such a specific plan for cycling only. I can’t choose eg. two rides a week in all road purpose or specific focus plan. It would be great to have it for those who don’t have a lot of time or want less intense training but still can choose a type of the training they are interested in. Thank you in advance for any information about this.



Welcome Dominik @Dom1 :slight_smile:

This might be worth a feature request, as at the moment SUF doesn’t offer you a choice of “I’d like ‘n’ number of workouts per week please” type of thing - though I do think the All In plan where you get to choose 2-3 or 4-5 or 5-6 rides/week comes close

(I think that’s because the plans generally have end goals, so the plans work towards those end goals - usually, with a goal in mind (say in 1,2,6,12 weeks), there would then be a plan built to achieve that goal. hence I guess the all in plan with 2-3 allows for 3 some weeks)

But having said all of that - it’s still worth a feature request, as I totally get the ‘lets follow a plan’ thing, and it could be done by using All In and constraining it further maybe

In the meantime - probably a couple of choices. Pick two a week and go for it, or pick All In and just do two of the riding workouts of your choice?


I like this idea. Although it might be encroaching into custom plan territory. But, I would probably use it. I have a long running background and like to plan my own running workouts, but not much bike background and will “follow the plan” for riding. So it would be nice to be able to ask for a specific type of riding plan with a specific number of days and then plan my own running workouts in the off days.

I agree, it’s worth a feature request.

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Hey @Dom1,
Welcome to the forum! We can definitely do that on a customized plan. In lieu of that , you could use the Fitness Kickstarter Plan and do your runs when you like. Just an idea.