What's your favourite SUF cooldown?

For me, it has to be the cooldown on G.O.A.T. The music pairs so well with the Cotty descent, perfectly mirroring the exhilaration you get railing corners on the downhill down after a long climb.

What about yours?


I would second the music and footage for GOAT. My other favorites are the Happy Birthday song from the Hunted and Sir Mike Cotty’s monologue at the end of TGTTOS


Mugla Bill. ISLAGIATT.


Gotta Suffer so Rubber Glove #bringbackrubberglove


I’m not sure “favourite” is the correct word, but the video at the end of Cadence Builds absolutely gets me every time.

World Bicycle Relief is a great concept and charity, the message is a good one also of improved opportunities for the people in the video, but as a father to a young daughter myself it’s hard not to reflect on just how amazingly privileged we all are to be in such a situation and here you are, sat on an expensive bike, attached to an expensive trainer in a spare room, in front of an expensive TV doing this for fun before your daughter even has to bother getting up to have a nice breakfast and go to school in safety, while not a million miles away this is the existence that other people have and simply being given a (cheap, compared to what many of us ride) bike is a truly life-changing event.

Sufferfest is meant to make you bleed from the eyes, not just cry at our own fortune and hope for others…


@Jon totally agree, some of the cool downs are funny (mugla bill @David.McQuillen.KoS, the green app Edet after power station, the outtakes from rookie, etc), but the world bicycle relief gets me every time. The fact that what I do for fun can be life changing for others is humbling.


Whiskey. My first and one I always go back to.

Seeding favourite is sir @michael.cotty 's climbing Mount Sufferlandria at the end of tgttos


I love the hunted also because it always makes me think of you and our knighthood quest…


The ending of TGTTOS never fails to put a smile on my face.

The World Bicycle Relief one is a very humbling one.

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I have no idea which workout it comes from, but the one with obscure cover/rewrite of George Jones’ “good ones & bad ones.” The chorus line “it’s a fine line b/w heaven and hell” sums up my Sufferfest experience and keeps me smiling after I have cleaned up.


That was going to be my pick - it’s the end of Nine Hammers and I believe it’s this track (which is in my Best Of Sufferfest playlist)


I have a few of them. I love the magician at the end of The Trick just for sheer entertainment.

I love the song “The Hurt” at the end of Fight Club.

I agree, I love the song and video right after the last hard interval of G.O.A.T. while watching Mike Cotty descend.

And the World Bike Relief clips always get me, too.

And I love “A Way For Us”, the song at the end of Defender.

Both Fight Club and Defender are in my KOS list specifically because of how they make me feel at the end. In fact I may have picked a few videos more because of the music than the actual workouts. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. 4 more weeks, baby.

This isn’t a cool down, but… iOS by Paris Burns right before the cool down in Thin Air gets me every time. If I didn’t have the legs before that song came on, I certainly do as soon as it kicks in. “He’s giving it Everything! GIVE IT MORE!” Damn. Gets me every time.

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Did Joyride, today. The end with John Degenkolb showing such pure joy and being mobbed by all his teammates is another excellent ending to cool down to.

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I love the black and white vid of cycling tips., and also the one of the guy who does some drills on the rollers.
There must be room on a future vid of the caption “You have had enough? you want to go cool down now?” and then show the clip of the minions laughing.

@alchurch That sounds like the clip after the 3rd interval from Defender.

“What’s that? You’re ‘tired’ and would like to stop?” Then shows the audience laughing.

:slight_smile: :laughing:

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Thats it, always makes me smile,