Wahoo SYSTM Fun Poll >>> if you had to pick one

Over the last couple of years, we have released a fair number of new content and categories in Wahoo SYSTM. Hopefully you are enjoying all of them.


If there was one stand out session you had to pick over the others, which would it be and (more importantly) why?

Fire away!

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@Francois-Wahoo Definitely Attacker - solid workout, solid video, great music, funny commercials and as a bonus it works really well with my Climb.


Francois-Wahoo Nine Hammers - it defines Sufferfest. It is a great litmus test on whether it is time to retest. Great focus on MAP/FTP, and usually generates a swear word or two on my part…usually around the 8th or 9th Hammer for some reason.


Almost impossible to choose one and, like all polls of this sort, depends on how I’m feeling at the time.

Honourable mentions go to The Way Out (my first Sufferfest and surprisingly tough plus it’s Sir @michael.cotty), Who Dares (great video, great music, and the classic Suff feeling of “can I actually make it to the end?”) but, at time of writing, my current stand-out is from A Week With @Coach.Neal.H

Rabbit Mountain

A little bit of everything, continually engaging and I found it’s the perfect cycle workout as part of a brick session, especially in Level mode.

If I may be allowed to throw a bit of a curveball, I’d like to say that I believe that my development as a cyclist would not have been the same without the addition of @abicarver’s Yoga, so any favourite Suff session is always fully supported by my increased flexibility and shortened recovery time.

I’ve been told I can never leave :grinning:


The model

Great footage, great music, and a tough workout. All the classic SUF ingredients


Cobbler, such an amazing workout. It really makes you feel fantastic at the end of it.

Oh no, Team Scream! You’d be wasted afterwards, but the storyline, build up, music and team pressure is amazing!!!

Hmm, I like The Shovel too. Such a great way to dig in and make your way out of a dark place. Very relatable with dark episodes in life…

Hang on, how about ‘on location’. They’re awesome too. Hanging out with Mike Cotty whilst not getting off the hook for a good workout.

I love the ‘week with’ too. Such a nice behind-the-scene view of great people…

No, sorry @Francois-Wahoo, your question is unfair.


Love the SUF but one that stands out is ‘on location’ in the Pyrennes specifically the ‘Cirque de Gavarnie’ The scenery is breath taking, and @michael.cotty is at his best, but the immersive video is incredible! You’re on his wheel then all of a sudden you’re pulling? Great workout too.
Outside these days but can’t wait to try RGT


For me “Recharger” is the most impressive recent addition to SUF/SYSTM. That workout always energizes me and puts a smile on my face. I always look forward to doing it, when it appears on the menu.
In terms of added new workout categories I would choose “A week with…”. I hope there are some more weeks in the making.


Violator, nothing hurts like violator. It’s almost sadistic.

4 attempts, 2 completions. It has beaten me physically once and mentally once. That makes it well rounded fun, right?


Agreed Violator is my favourite. You really feel like you’ve achieved something after it.


Sufferfest: Joyride. Suffer! Suffer! Suffer!
On Location: Cirque du Gavarnie. Challenging and beautiful.
Pro Rides: Hammer Climb 1. Broke me. Can’t wait for the rematch.
A Week With: The Cremee Ride. Mmm. Ice cream.
GCN: Max Efforts Minimum Time. Efficient.
Inspiration: Wahoo Frontiers 2020. I just like this one. “All for One” is great, too.
Yoga: Hamstrings and TFL for Runners. I took a nasty hamstring injury many years ago. If I don’t do this and ‘Hamstring and Calf Flexibility’ regularly, the muscle turns into a clump of rusted wires.


Are you asking specifically about the recent releases, or can we pick from the entire SYSTM workout library?

Too many of them! GOAT, the Model, Nine Hammers, Revolver. Any that make me chuckle while suffering. :laughing:


A Very Dark Place, Nine Hammers, and Full Frontal. I know that they will destroy me.


A Very Dark Place.


My top 3 I-know-I’ll-nearly-die sessions. Chapeau.

pick away! Express yourself. :slight_smile:

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Angels, the original version dropping Contador in Paris-nice in the over unders, chasing Andy Schleck in Liege-Bastogne-Liege, breaking away with Tommy V, and racing Contador up Alpe d’Huez with impossible RPE targets. The new version just isn’t as engaging.


Your consistency with the yoga sessions and focus on recovery has clearly paid off! But you are right…you can never leave and that goes equally for your stretching :wink: