Wheel size in settings

I dont see tacx neo 2 listed… what should I enter? Does it even matter?

The wheel size is so that the system can give you an approximate speed reading.
You aren’t looking for your trainer in there, the wheel size should be set relative to the wheel that you would have on your bike if it wasn’t on the trainer…

For example, I use a Wahoo Kickr, but the bike I put on it runs on 700x23c tyres, therefore my wheel size is 2096mm

From that, Sufferfest can figure out (approximately) how fast I would be moving, on that wheel, for the effort I am putting in.


If you’re using a smart trainer, you don’t technically need a wheel size selected. You can use the “default 2096mm” if you would like to make a selection, though. The wheel size is really only important if you are using virtual watts.