Wheel size?

Can anyone help? I’ve recently got a wattbike and am wondering what I should set the wheel size to - on profile it has various wheel sizeS and a default.
I’ve currently got it set at default. Is this correct?
How much of a difference does it make when doing something like FF??

It’ll make no difference to FF, speed is only important for power if you need to use virtual power. But the wattbike will connect as a power meter (or smart triner if it’s the Atom).

If you then use Suf Speed then it won’t even matter for speed. Although if the Atom is like the KICKR, it potentially broadcasts it’s own calculated speed, in which case again it won’t need the wheel size. But a wattbike user or minion should be able to confirm that.

But as mentioned above, no issue with power and therefore FF etc.

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