Wahoo smart trainer

Hello, I am new to wahoo trainer, and I have recently done my training on wahoo smart trainer v6 and i have noticed that when i did re ride a outdoor route indoor and my power and speed was very slow and as compared to what i have ridden out because my trainer is simulating route but my speed and power is showing very low and on Zwift also on my ftp test my power and speed was very slow and because I can produce more power and hold more than 300 watts for longer time easily but in zwift ftp test or in free ride 220 or 250 watts feel alot harder and i am seeing people going easy on 300 watts and there speed is also high , so I think there is some problem, maybe some settings on my smart trainer. Can you please tell me that? When I do my training on roller with or without zwift , I always feel like I am putting power in, but whenever I see my speed or power (watts), it is very low, and I don’t know because what is happening. So is there anything to do in setting to measure accurate power and speed or anything? i am telling this because i am a professional cyclist and i know that how much power i produce so please reply to me and tell me what to do. Please help me if anyone knows it

Hi, just to clarify, are you saying the power seems lower than what you can produce, or the power is the power but the speed is low?

If power is lower on your new trainer vs however you were measuring it before, you can always double check the firmware settings, calibration etc but if there’s no smoking gun there, unfortunately it can be hard to determine which is correct when two sources disagree.

If it’s speed that’s off, all these programs have a physics model and it’s subject to assumptions that may make it not match reality (Zwift even has different bikes, right?) but you can always check if maybe there’s some setting that’s not set right like your height or weight in the program (Zwift)? My old elite direto required you to specify wheel size correctly, otherwise speed would be off. Coukd it be something like that?

If you are able to measure your power outside with a power meter, I would suggest you use the same meter along with the Kickr and see how close to the two are to measuring your power. That may help indicate if there is an issue with the Kickr or the actual software you are using.

I know that the speed will be different but wahoo tells that the trainer will stimulate the route and all so why i don’t get that feeling because i have all the details on the outdoor ridden route elevation and all so i my trainer isn’t simulate that i whenever i go through that route i always get the feeling of that i am always climbing but the route is most of the time flat and down so why my speed is also not increase through that? Any idea any settings maybe or any app you know??