When do new members become eligible to post photos

Hi I have just joined the forum via the Tour de S. Is there a waiting period before you can upload photos. All I was trying to do was to upload my POS (place of suffering).

It’s configurable in discourse and I’m not sure if they’ve altered the defaults, but see here: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Thanks for your quick response - I am a little confused as it says I can post a photo - is that different to uploading one?

Hi @jaytee2108. Sorry you’ve had this problem. There’s nothing that should prevent you from posting a photo as far as I know. Many new arrivals have been doing that this week. Sometimes the system flags posts for review when it thinks they’ve been typed too fast and that’s been catching some photo uploads but not seeing anything flagged right now. Do you get some kind of error message?

Hi James thanks for response - let me check - it basically indicated that as a new member you were not eligible to post photos - but I will see if I can go back into original post and edit. No big deal - this is a very rare experience for me - uploading photos onto any platform!

Hi James - all sorted now. Thanks - I have lots of free time on my hands to read the manual.

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