Is Strava Good Enough?

I am attempting knighthood on December 27th. Is uploading up to Strava good enough, or do I have to take pictures for Facebook or Livestream the whole thing? My question is, what is the bare minimum I need to do? I feel like I will have enough things going on without remembering to post after every ride. Any suggestions slightly above the bare minimum are welcome as well.


Strava would be good enough but it will be much more enterpaining if you snap a quick pick either for FB if you’re on there or The Forums.

I was quite anxious about doing too much so I just had a clipboard with a checklist of my menu d’suffering, held it and my mug up for the camera, checked off each ride as it was completed, and posted to FB.

I was essentially on radio silence otherwise and never looked at FB or responded to any of the comments until after I was done. I’m both impressed and amazed when other people not only post updates but also respond to ongoing comments during their quests. I needed everything I could muster to keep focused.


Happy suffering :smiley:

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I’d say Strava is fine. The app will also have a record of you doing the workouts. If you get a chance, please do let us know what your Knighthood workouts will be, and let us know how it goes afterwards.

Happy suffering! :smiling_imp:


The rules say you have to record the attempt. It really doesn’t matter how but you do. Pictures on Instagram, Garmin .fit files, Strava, etc. are fully acceptable. However, remember they have to be set to Public so the Minions can access them for verification.

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The app records the attempt so the “bare minimum” is just to do it. There have been many Knighthood rides done in the privacy of people’s own pain caves without any of the social media stuff or logging in other apps. If sharing the Suffering helps get you through it then, of course, go for it, Misery loves company and all that. Oh and you’re doing Knighthood on the 27th, there is no try :grinning:. Happy Suffermas.

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|The BAT
|Nine Hammers
|A Very Dark Place
|Power Station
|14 Vice Grips
|The Wretched


Nice looking menu there @Randy_Fortner.


Part of the idea is to raise money for a worthy cause. Here’s how to easily do it (Yes, I’ll split infinitives all day long. If it’s good enough for James T. Kirk, it’s doggone well good enough for me.):

  1. Create a Facebook fundraiser for your cause.
  2. Snap a selfie, a photo of your checklist, or whatever works for you during the warmup or cooldown of each leg.
  3. Post it to FB with a note saying, “I’m biking to raise funds for X. Please consider kicking in a few dollars/dinar/euros/cowrie shells.” You can save the note to your phone’s notepad app, then copy + paste. It’s easy.
  4. Watch the money roll in.

I raised nearly a thousand dollars when I rode my KoS last year. You can do it, too!


I just used this forum, as I am not on Facebook. I barely remembered to snap one photo of myself while suffering, yet was glad because the KoS application later asked me for a link to a posted photo.

Yes. I got in just fine with only SYSTM and Strava a month ago.

…and 10ish hours of suffering, lol. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Fitness tests are harder!

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