When will the sound queues be fixed?

I have submitted a bug report in October, but this is such an annoyance that I wanted to voice it here as well, in case others are experiencing this and want to ‘up vote’ it. Details:

-In general, seems like the only way to hear acceleration/deceleration sound queues is to have have the music on along with sound effects, as well as to not use any other application with sound.

-Even workouts with no music and sound effects on, I am not able to use sound from other apps (Spotify, Youtube, etc), otherwise there is no sound at all.

-Even with no other apps turned on, seems like I have to have silence mode deactivated on the iPhone, which never used to be the case. EDIT: today on FTP 5 x 6, not even this work, zero sound no matter what I did or didn’t do.

-Btw, when doing a workout with no music, but using sound from another app. As soon as I turn off the sound of that app, close it, then leave systm with it still running (go to the first page of my iPhone for example), then go back to systm, all of the sounds that disappeared all avalanche at the same time audibly, like they were stuck at a door waiting for it top open.

-I’m using airpods, so I’m not sure if all of this is true when using the speaker on the iPhone, but that’s not a real option for me.

-I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, no fix. iPhone and app are up-to-date and have been.

In general, this is so super annoying because I’m 100% stuck with SYSTM audio wise, including a workout with no music, if I want to have the sound queues. Or I’m stuck watching the screen like a hawk, and for many workouts with the number of changes that happen I basically can’t afford to look away, which keeps my head locked into a position.

So yeah, not practical, and no fun, and is so annoying that it starts rising to the level of ‘maybe I should use a different app’, and I really, really love this app.

Anyways, maybe someone has figured out a magic way to fix this on the user side, but if not, I really hope you all get this fixed asap.


Are you starting SYSTM, then the other apps?
If you want audio from another package, but to still get SYSTM audio queues you need to launch the other app first and then SYSTM.
This was the working process for Sufferfest also and is explicitly stated in at least one video that doesn’t have audio (Cadence builds, I think).

It’s probably something that should actually be fixed, yes, but this is the long-standing working process for mixed audio in SUF/SYSTM

This is a known issue with the iOS version of the SYSTM app. While it worked fine in the SUF app, SYSTM unfortunately is not playing well with other audio apps in iOS and takes control of all audio.

However, I have found that by switching back and forth between my audio app and SYSTM I can eventually get my music to keep playing AND still hear the SYSTM sound effects cues. But it takes a little extra time an patience.

This is on the roadmap to be corrected, but since I don’t work for Wahoo I don’t have a date for you. I just know that it is a known issue and will be fixed at some point. Hopefully soon. Because it is definitely annoying. And yours is certainly not the first I’ve seen asking about this issue.


@Jon Yeah, doesn’t seem to be the issue at the moment as that doesn’t work. Actually, I literally never paid attention to that before in SUF and even remember doing the opposite without any problem. But perhaps by ‘launch’ you just mean the app is open on my iPhone, in which case that’s almost always true because I never close them. But I definitely didn’t need to have the music/vid going for things to work. In any case it was nice that not once did I have to think about it :slight_smile:

@emacdoug thanks for the heads up on the hack! I’ll try doing that the next time. For the low intensity stuff I like to pull up Youtube and I have the ‘picture in picture’ option enabled. I did switch back and forth a bunch with that but didn’t change anything. I’ll have to try with Spotify though.

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I’ve gotten it to work with both Apple Music and Spotify. But I usually have to switch back and forth about 5 or 6 times before the music stays on.

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Had this too when I listen to some cycling podcasts but after I get the music or talking to stay on what I’ve noticed is that the workout video can take some time to catch up as usually when I start it again it freezes immediately and can take at least a few minutes if not more to catch back up.


@ryanoelke I wasn’t as patient as @emacdoug and now just use a separate audio source - eg iPhone and iPad. Hopefully there will be a fix at some point.