Where are all the videos? Old ToS? Favorite Moments?

Sorry for the possibly confusing topic but since I am rather new to the whole suffer-verse and slowly preparing for my first Tour of Sufferlandria, I was wondering:

Where are all the videos of previous tours?

I wanted to get into the mood by watching some.

I can find just a handful of old Sufferfest vids on the dedicated channel, otherwise… nothing.
Where is Sir David drinking shots of butter, for example? I‘ve only heard legends.
Sadly, there are also almost no fan made videos to be found either.

Is it all on facebook? Or maybe it doesn’t even exist?
I somehow came to believe it’s a much more media filled event. :slight_smile: I need a bit of inspiration.
I need my ToS fix…

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


The previous tour’s daily videos were done on Facebook only iirc.

They don’t seem to be archived on Facebook (though I’ve only looked on the mobile site). I don’t think but there are a few on Vimeo…


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Yesss, thank you, @mattgreen.

Does anybody know where I can find more?

The Facebook group has been banter central for the last several years and is exceptionally media filled during the Tour. If you want to see some old user videos then go there and have a look through the “watch party” section.


Can’t post all the minion ride links right now but start with this one and see what else you can find. The magic madness is still all there.


Thank you, James. I will begin my hunt into the depths of facebook. Curious what I‘ll find…

I will report back in a while…

Finding old stuff of Facebook is a huge hassle. What I normally do is go to the Sufferlandria page and then search ON THAT PAGE posts by a person/date etc. There is a way to do it on desktop, don’t think it is on the mobile app. Anything posted here, will be more accessible in the future. Here, for instance, from FB is a picture from Stage 6 of the 2018 ToS. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TourofSufferlandria/permalink/1789304427760762
I suppose you can also search “videos” but I have not tried that. Good luck, train hard IWBMATTKYT

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I forgot who it was, someone did a stage wearing a shark costume last year.


I will never forget Mike Coty in the cow costume. But I don’t recall if that year was the year he was supposed to pontificate about different topics while standing


I also found these from a few ToSs ago. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRfli3NK_MFMLIIyKuxZFNCESXA_SKrsJ

If you do a search in the Sufferlandria group for Sir Terry (for example) you might find a fabulous video of him doing a ToS stage in a business suit. One year there was someone who did all the stages wearing a suit of armor! Dame Therese did Stage 9 last year in her shark suit! Sir Mike Cotty’s cow suit was another classic. Then there were Butter shots. Then Sriracha shots! There have been some fabulous and inspirational stories over the years and some of the funniest moments ever that your family will never understand.


Wow, the amount of time I spend looking through old ToS media by now almost feels wrong.

During my extensive research I learned two things:

  • I don’t like Facebook very much, but it’s a necessary evil
  • All of you guys rock

Some great stuff out there.

I tried and failed. Learned my lesson. :slight_smile:

By the way, @anon8787683: Loved the shark suit.


Fun times :joy:! I’m sad that this year we will be in lockdown still so I won’t be able to get together with @Vanessa-Meikle for some Tour shenanigans…