SUFlog (Part 1): ToS'21 Announcement Reaction

The tour announcement gives me enough of a reason to end my (not so) brief visit in couchlandria.

I decided to document my journey…

This is the first part:

It’s fun. Weird. Amateur-ish. Just silly. All of the above. Maybe you guys will still enjoy it. :slight_smile:

What was your reaction like?

Edit: More parts are already released:
Part 2 - Route Announcement Reaction.
Part 3 - Training - Are you Ready?


I can already predict at least one reaction:
“My name is Grunter von Agony and I approve this message.”


Nice work Pierre, giving the marketing minions a run for their creative money!

Find it a bit sad that you posted this five hours ago and have only had five views, two likes and one response. If the forum was living up to its positioning as a suitable replacement for the SUF Facebook group you’d have been inundated with reaction. Ah well, let’s hope things pick up here when the Tour arrives.

Looking forward to part 2…


It is Sunday morning in the US. Could that be part of the reason?

Could be although that doesn’t excuse Europe. Just as an experiment I shared a link to the post in the Facebook group - likes are rolling in and the YouTube view count has trebled, now quadrupled, in a few minutes. Go figure :man_shrugging:

Sorry, not meaning to drag things off topic. I’ll go flag myself :wink:


Thanks @Heretic and thank you @JamesT.

I had a blast doing this video. It’s my very first (apart some family stuff).
Little projects like this will help me learn a few basic shooting and editing skills, which I am very keen to improve on.
Sadly, I am working with very limited time on my hand.

To be honest, the views for my video are already much higher than I expected. :slight_smile:

I have a few ideas for part 2, which is already cooking…

By the way, it’s interesting, James, that you mention the Facebook crowd being so much “bigger” than the forum. Since I am so new and don’t have Facebook, I can’t even imagine the real scope of sufferlandrians being out there, I guess.


@Pierre, I ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! See you at the start! Agreed, that if this were on Facebook, it would have blown up. It’s gonna be weird since, while the Forum shall be the official village, I suspect that the unofficial village in FB is likely gonna be where the action is (even if it’s not).


Awesome - loved it! See you at the tour.


It’s not necessarily that the crowd there is bigger, although it is, it’s just that the Facebook group has been the spiritual home of Sufferlandrian banter, especially for ToS, for several years. The opinion of a few minions and this forum alternative isn’t go to change that overnight. But there’s room for everyone in either corner of the Nine Hammers tavern. Looks like your views are clocking up nicely now anyway so best get to the cooking!


So lovely to get positive feedback. :slight_smile:
@JSampson and @Glen.Coutts, thank you, too.

A serious question for the group: Maybe I should invest in some non-Wahoo apparel? I do look like a crazy fan-boy… :wink:


Ha, I think Wahoo should send you some freebies as thanks for the promotion!! cc @dylan.robbins


Love the crazy fan-boy look. Definitely stick with that!


Very nice, what is the name of the song?

Music used from
Jacques Malchance - Christmas in Love
Gosprom - Japan Punk

I for one, am not on Facebook or Twitter.
In fact, this forum is the only platform on which I participate.


Loved this! Well done!!! Can’t wait to see the next episode.


Thanks, really liked that Gosprom song-perfect choice for your video.

This is awesome! I especially loved your hot pink lace panties and the dust on your trainer.


Great video well done! Looking forward to finding out this week…

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Same for me.