Where is GVA ? Is he kidnapped?

I’m scared. Probably GVA is kidnapped. I don’t hear anything about him. The Couchlandrias have had conquer? We need more suffering

@Msarcosv Have your finished Rue the Day yet? Get into the pain cave and do the workout and then report back.

I don’t think GvA can be taunted so easily. There’s no shortage of suffering to be had @Msarcosv. Here’s a short list. Do any one or more of them today and then off to flogging station #4 for you. Also, don’t forget to do Full Frontal first :slight_smile:

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I thought it was Station #7 if you had doubts. Guess I’ll have to visit that station or go out in the straight downpour we are getting right now (it’s 12:45 and it’s been raining steady for a half an hour at the Noah Call Up the Ark One More Time Level, or we’ve received about 2 inches/6 cm of rain so far and this will cause MAJOR flooding).


Right, off you go then. Nothing must dull the suffering. #tuhntf

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