🚀 NEW SUFFERFEST: Rue The Day is here! 🚀

There was some talk, some time ago, that maybe The Sufferfest had gone a little soft. That Grunter von Agony, SUF Directeur Sportif & Poet Laureate, had given in to corporate pressure.

Well. Ahem. RUE THE DAY, a brand new Sufferfest, should put an end to all that. Rue is a rousing answer that not only hurts rather a lot but will make you heaps faster. It’s in SYSTM for you right now (you might have to log out and back in to see it).

Those who have completed SUF icons like Blender, Mini Blender or the Chores will be familiar with the 40-seconds-hard/20-seconds-easy variety of Pain Shakes that Rue the Day delivers in three enticing courses. These kinds of effort are a go-to workout for Wahoo Head of Sports Science Neal Henderson when working with the athletes he coaches. While the first few efforts in each set will feel “easy,” since these blocks are stretched out to 8-minutes in length, you’ll be deep into the red by the end of each set. Neal - and GvA - likes it like that.

While the efforts aren’t continuous, they are long enough that you accumulate plenty of time near your VO2max, which is the goal of any MAP workout. Each 8-minute set gives you more than five minutes at 90% or higher of your 5-minute peak power. By the end, you’re looking at 16 minutes of accumulated MAP efforts, so get ready to say ‘Hello, Pain!’

Along the way, we’ll give you some interesting mental tips on how to prepare for, and better manage, the discomfort (to put it mildly) that comes with such intense efforts. In the end, you’ll be both a faster and a mentally stronger cyclist.

Workout by Sir @Coach.Neal.H
Video, Story and Music by Sir @Francois-Wahoo



Looks like it could be an awesome stage as part of ToS 2023 :grin:
Appreciate all the new rides being added to SYSTM!!


Great @David.McQuillen.KoS , you did put a video on “MAP Micro Intervals : 3 Sets 40/20s” with some minor variations :slight_smile:


Yes that looks painful indeed. Can’t wait!

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Is there another workout called ‘Trapped’? Just received an email from Wahoo encouraging me to ride it in my lunch break :grinning: along with 10 new novid workouts (that’s some suffering lunch break to complete all of those!)


I did also but I can’t see a video called Trapped in the SYSTM. Was that an erroroneous email @David.McQuillen.KoS and one that meant to tell us about Rue the Day instead?

Rode it this morning. This is another fantastic workout! Long live Sufferlandria!

Will this workout be approved for KOS Quests?



Messages, Music, Motivation, and Masochism.


I followed the link in the email for “Trapped” and it took me to “Rue the Day”.

Sorry about that email. We changed the name of the video at the last minute.


Can’t wait to sample…

New rides… Some if us are trying to do all the different sufferfest videos. It may, or may not be all the ones i dont like left. I was down to 5 to go.


This workout looks really interesting and so similar to The Chores.
Can’t wait to try it when my bike comes back from bike shop for a maintenance


Did this workout yesterday and really enjoyed the suffering.
After failing on 9Hammers few days ago (need to regulate the intensity to 90% after hammer 7 to end the workout) it was a great motivation to end this.

Seems that the 40/20s are more my style cause it seems a lot easier than the hammers!

To end with mvdp was glorious :heart_eyes:


Really enjoyed this considering I’m not usually a lover of the 40/20s!!
Great music, great footage !! Painful but I’m smiling (kind of) :+1:


An absolute banger of a workout. I paired it with a cooldown no-vid which made for a great hour on the trainer.

But as good as the workout was, the coachig notes describing the counting mental trick was a total game changer for me. How have I never tried this before?!

It turns out this guy is my spirit animal.



I couldn’t help but feel that there was some inspiration in this video from those who opined that SUF had lost its soul in the acquisition and evolution to SYSTM/WahooX… If so, I’d say the message was delivered in cheeky and painfully classic style!

The suffering mental tips came in handy (but I’m not one to count pedal strokes, alas) and loved the subtle return of IWBMA.


I still don’t know how I’ll be able to find enough time and lose enough sanity to get through It Seemed Like Thin Air and Kitchen Sink :scream: … those are the big two still to cross off for me.


There is no try…